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Children in Classroom


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Sign the Petition:
Teach Truth in Virginia History

Raise your hand to support History and Social Studies standards that are:

  • Inclusive 

  • Factually accurate

  • Age-appropriate

  • Reflect all facets of U.S and Virginia History

Learn more revision process that started in 2015, recent Youngkin VDOE actions, and the current draft document

Learn about recent actions in 2023 and the VDOE Public Hearings scheduled in March.


Sign on to the
Education Bill of Rights

As America faces an unprecedented assault on our public education system, many seek to distort facts to manipulate public opinion on the rights and responsibilities of the stakeholders.


4 Public Education stands for the right of each child to an exceptional education, for parents to be active, involved participants, for our communities to engage in civil discourse without intimidation, and for our leadership to serve without fear or harm to themselves and their families. 

If you support our vision, please read and join with us by signing our “Education Bill of Rights.”

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What Can I Do?

Four First Steps

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Sign up for our email list, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and stay tuned as we add action items, rallies, resources and much more.


Contact your School Board representative and let them know you are a constituent and you support public education. FCPS community, find your School Board and contact information here.


Attend your local School Board meetings. Information on FCPS School Board meetings here

FCPS School Board Calendar


Speak at a School Board meeting. Sign up for in person or recorded comments starting 4 days prior to each meeting. Spots are selected by lottery with a two minute time limit. FCPS Community Participation information and signups are here.

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