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Take Action 4 Education- Get Advocacy Alerts!

The 2024 General Assembly is currently in session. 4 PE is tracking priority education bills and sending out advocacy alerts so you can alert legislators how they can support public education. Subscribe to receive time sensitive, one-click actions you can take in just seconds. 

Education Legislation Snapshot

Check below for the updated priority bills and their status:

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What Can I Do?

Four First Steps

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Sign up for our email list, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and stay tuned as we add action items, rallies, resources and much more.


Contact your School Board representative and let them know you are a constituent and you support public education. FCPS community, find your School Board and contact information here.


Attend your local School Board meetings. Information on FCPS School Board meetings here

FCPS School Board Calendar


Speak at a School Board meeting. Sign up for in person or recorded comments starting 4 days prior to each meeting. Spots are selected by lottery with a two minute time limit. FCPS Community Participation information and signups are here.

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