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Testimonials About Our Work

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Having 4PE as such an enthusiastic and reliable partner in the Fund Our Schools coalition has given a boost to our advocacy. 


To influence lawmakers, it's important to have the public talking about education, and 4PE has helped generate that discourse through op-eds, newsletters, webinars, and online posts to keep people informed. 


Internally, 4PE contributes its insight to our legislative strategizing.

We the People For Education.png

The training, information, and advocacy work of 4 Public Education has been critical in engaging communities across Virginia in our public schools.


As a partner, We the People for Education has significantly benefited from the vast network, expertise, and leadership of the 4PE team to engage Virginians in this space.


We look forward to continuing our partnership, and working towards a brighter future for our children, communities, and schools.

Defense of Democracy.png

4 Public Education is a force for good in our country.


Defense of Democracy stands beside this organization as they advocate for our families and our public schools.

Indivisible has  a mission to build and support a strong and inclusive Democracy, and we know that public education is a cornerstone of Democracy. 


Fairfax Indivisible endorses 4PublicEducation in their support of public education and resistance to current attempts to privatize public schools.  The work of this group has helped both to protect public education and increase inclusivity in Virginia’s public schools.

New River Valley Indivisible.png

4 Public Education has provided essential information and training for Virginia citizens, including our members, enabling us to  to support teachers and to advocate for effective solutions to challenges.  


We appreciate their careful analyses of policy and legislative issues that can strengthen public education in Virginia and look forward to continued partnerships to support students and school staff.

ACLU People Power.png

4PE is a grassroots organization in Northern Virginia that is very effective at championing public education by informing and engaging the community at large and the school community in particular. 


ACLU People Power Fairfax shares 4PE's commitment to equitable treatment of all members of the community and a robust public education system. 


We are proud to work with 4PE on common projects and appreciate their leadership and expertise in the education arena.  


Former Virginia Secretary of Education

Public education is under attack in Virginia. 4 Public Education is at the forefront of confronting those who seek to damage our world class education system.


I’m proud to work with them to support our teachers, truth in education, and our kids.


4Public Education is a tireless advocate for strong and effective public education in Virginia.  They have organized and helped to sponsor countless webinars and two symposiums which describe the current serious threats to Virginia public education and more importantly how to combat these threats.   


They carefully monitor and inform about proposed Virginia education legislation that would negatively impact public education.


Their website is filled with timely, truthful, informative, articles about the challenges Virginia public schools face today.   FUSE (Fauquier United to Support Education) strongly endorses 4Public Education.

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