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2022 a Year 4 Public Education

As we close out 2002 we also reach the milestone of our 1st anniversary! 4 Public Education was launched this time last year, after a busy fall full of meetings with concerned community members.

Looking back over our first year, we are proud of the the work to create a new nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting public education in Virginia and nationally.

We created this a review of our year- full of photos, friends, and above all- action! Take a look at all we've done together this year and renew your commitment to fight for public education in 2023.

Click on the PDF here to view:

A year 4 public education
Download PDF • 6.60MB

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Nancy Hall
Nancy Hall
Jan 05, 2023

It’s been a wild year. My last child graduated from the FCPSS in 2002. I never dreamed I would have to re-engage at this furious pace to defend what shouldn’t need to be defended: a very good, fair, equitable, democratizing public education for all.

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