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4 Reasons We Love our Schools

  1. They work to include all students, no matter the income, race, country of origin, ability, or gender. Our schools work to support each child based on their needs and challenges to help them succeed in school and beyond. They offer diverse opportunities for each child to learn, play, and expand their horizons. Whether it is in school or after school, there is something to challenge and support each student.

  2. Our teachers are the most educated, committed, and experienced. Public schools attract the best teachers who are certified, trained, and supported to be the best teacher for each student. That is why Virginia public schools rank so well - #4 in the country.

  3. Virginia’s public schools offer a wide variety of classes and after-school activities including: foreign languages, vocational tech, advanced academics, special education, English as a second language, humanities, college-level courses, and more are offered at nearly every public school. Parents can choose to opt in or opt out of student programs, curricula, and services.

  4. Virginia’s public schools offer students the tools to be well-rounded individuals, which prepares them to be active members of our American society: ready to work; continue education; participate in democracy through informed voting; make wise decisions; and understand the social, economic, and legal rules of society.


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