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Teacher Appreciation Week 2.0

Some teachers will get gift cards, or mugs or flowers.

Some will get a child’s smile or no notice at all.

What would really say teachers are appreciated?

A salary that enables them to send their own child to college

A workload that leaves weekends and evenings for family, friends, or

personal time.

A thank you when they give a student the strategy that helps them to pass the big test.

A call to their principal or the superintendent to say s/he supported my child

through a really tough personal day.

A heartfelt “I know you gave my child hope and courage when I could

not be there.”

An admin who asks, “what do you think?”

A plain, sincere smile at the beginning or end of a day.

To not be called the B words, or C words, or P words on social media

To not be threatened with firing or reprimand if they pick the wrong book.

To not be forced to teach someone else’s religious beliefs but be free to

encourage awe and wonder.

To never be put in danger at work.

To be respected for their hard earned professionalism and their

enthusiasm and reverence for learning

To be recognized for their ability to give simple explanations of difficult ideas.

To be known for their nurturing of what-great-things-might-be.

To never need a Teacher’s Appreciation day or week because it’s obvious that

teachers are valued for their knowledge and professionalism.

Rev. Cheryl Gibbs Binkley, M.Ed.

Author, retired teacher, parent and grandparent

A believer in the power of Truth, Respect, and Learning

We at 4PE wish all educators all this and more in their life and careers this May 2023 and in the future.


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