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These Problems Can't Solve Themselves

The 2023 Virginia General Assembly is coming to an end, yet Richmond continues to foment the culture wars by trying to remove history from our History curricula, funding from public schools, and social emotional support in our classrooms. All Virginians want true and complete history, fully funded schools, and healthy students ready to learn, yet there is little movement from Richmond on critical issues in our schools. Heck, the administration lost $201 million in public school dollars, yet it is still trying to privatize public school funds.

Thankfully, many elected officials, leaders, and parents care about these issues, and are working together across our state and in every community to solve these critical issues while working to attract and retain qualified, caring, and skilled educators. However, these issues require funding for successful solutions, something that Richmond seems to want to take away from our public schools.

At the same time, we will invite guest bloggers over the next couple of weeks to provide perspectives and resources on these crucial issues:

We parents, educators, and citizens should be student-focused for student solutions.

4 Public Education wants to hear from you about what you see in your schools and community. Please share with us issues, solutions, and successes at


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