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When will we Address Gun Violence?

On the anniversary of the Uvalde mass shooting that took the lives of nineteen Robb elementary students and two teachers, we find ourselves in the same place with no new solutions despite hundreds of mass shootings at schools, colleges, and grocery stores since then.

No other country in the world experiences the level of mass shootings that the United States has. Gun violence is the leading cause of death for young people age 10-34.

A surge of mass shootings in 2023 has traumatized a nation, but inspired action by groups across the nation. There have been rallies across the country and students have led the way with walk-outs and protests at state capitols.

We ask that you stand up against gun violence to protect our families whether they are at school or out shopping. We ask that you act now to protect other families from experiencing devastating loss from gun violence, whether you want to wear orange and rally with Moms Demand Action on June 2nd in Alexandria Virginia, write your congressman or representative to vote "Yes" on The Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, or learn more from experts about how to address gun violence. You can make the choice whether you want to do nothing and spend the next decade hearing about increasing numbers of school shootings, or act now to do something about it.

Below are links to the Uvalde Statement that provides resources and guidance on reducing gun violence, and a link to registration for the Friday, June 3rd "Wear Orange against Gun Violence" rally.


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