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At the Statehouse: Bills Still Active, Week 5

At this the first full week after Crossover, only five of our original 29 priority bills remain active. We oppose three of those bills and support two. The following information about those bills is current as of Wednesday morning. You can help oppose or support them by answering the easy one-click call to action.

HB1448 and HB1379 will be heard in the Senate Public Education subcommittee on Wednesday. These bills are part of the attempt to ban books in public school libraries by requiring all library resources to be cataloged by sexual content. We oppose these bills, and you can help get them stopped by answering this call to action.

HB1387 will be heard soon in the Senate Education and Health Committee. This bill is an anti-trans bill that we oppose. You can protect our most vulnerable students by answering this call to action.

SB1043 is being heard in the House Appropriations Committee this Wednesday, and has incorporated into it two other bills that we endorsed, SB1257 and SB1268. We support this bill and you can help improve mental health resources in our public schools by answering this call to action.

SB1215 has been reported out of the House Appropriations committee and will be going to the House. This bill will help recruit and retain teachers by increasing their compensation. Please support this bill by answering this call to action.


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