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Update: Active Priority Education Bills in the General Assembly

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Richmond State House
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This is an update from the report on priority education bills that was published on February 14, 2024 and is current as of Wednesday, February 28, 2024. 

The following five bills have passed both chambers and will go to Governor Youngkin for consideration. He will decide whether he will sign, veto, or amend each bill or allow it to become law by not addressing it. If the Governor vetoes or amends any bill it will go back to the General Assembly for further consideration. The similar bills (HB187 and SB104) will likely go to a conference of the two chambers to produce one bill on that topic before sending it to the Governor. 

  • HB187 Increase teacher salaries

  • SB14 Give localities greater flexibility to improve school funding 

  • SB104 Raise teacher salaries

  • SB105 Establish At-Risk Program 

  • SB272  Help English Language Learners 

These two bills have been reported from their respective committees and will soon be heard on the floor of their respective chambers. They address a similar issue and will likely go to the conference of the two chambers to produce one bill. Please see their calls to action at this link

  • HB398 Evidence Based Student Discipline 

  • SB586, Implement Restorative Discipline

The following 2 bills are still being considered in committees of the Senate and House. Calls to action on these bills will be posted at this link if and when they head to the Senate and House floors for a vote. 

  • HB624 Improve funding for public schools

  • HB 625 Establish an office of Community Schools


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